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About Spinal Decompression System...

The DRX 9000™ is the latest and most advanced spinal decompression technology available. Simply put, it's a very sophisticated, computerized and integrated form of spinal traction that allows significantly better treatment options. Specifically, it allows your doctor:

  • To treat the exact, injured spinal segment more precisely.
  • To provide 2-3x greater joint separation than regular spinal traction (this removes pressure from the impinged nerve and restores the blood supply to the damaged disc ), and
  • To add flexion or extension to the spine, maximally decreasing nerve or spinal canal constriction.

Spinal Decompression is an exceptionally effective tool in the care and treatment of herniated discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, disc degeneration and failed back surgery syndrome. We can now help patients who, prior to Spinal Decompression, faced a life full of dangerous drugs, severe pain and repeated surgeries.

Patients come to The Morris Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center from all over the world to receive our non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for chronic and severe low back and neck pain. Most patients seek us out when other treatments have failed. Research has proven success with these patients that makes the travel well worth it.

What's Different About The Morris Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center?

Just about everything.

1.  We start by rechecking your Diagnosis. Your outcome and your ability to fully recover depends on fully understanding not only the location of the pain producing tissue (e.g. a disc herniation or spinal stenosis), but what's creating this problem in the first place. Is the degenerating process continuing and what can we do to stop or reverse it?

2. You will see from the first day, that we are extremely thorough and precise, and that you'll leave with a complete understanding of your problem and the best answers for your back problem.

3.  Most Spinal Decompression offices have a 5-6 week program, ours is 3-5 months! We've found that chronic and severe low back problems do not heal with such a short protocol. Our patient outcomes improved significantly when we started more gently and offered more decompression treatments over a longer period of time. Remember cartilage (including discs) takes months to heal, not weeks.

4. Besides Spinal Decompression, your treatment might include physical medicine therapies (e.g. Ultrasound, Sinewave, Galvanic or Medium Frequency Electric Currents) spinal alignment and mobilization, trigger point and soft tissue therapy, in-office and out of office exercise rehabilitation, appropriate low back supports, and six extended private training sessions (one on one) with a disc and spinal stenosis rehabilitation coach that we've trained.

5.  Specificity and detail is everything, whether it is a physical medicine program or surgery.


I have spinal stenosis and disc degeneration myself, and the approach we developed is more thorough and effective than any I've seen before.

It's more than a job for me as I was disabled for 12 years with this condition before I developed many of these protocols. Our research has shown our outcomes to be the highest in the industry and we teach doctors around  the country these procedures.

All of this is included in the treatment package. Patient's who do not require this type of care, are referred to other treatment centers that are not as comprehensive. Our DRX 9000 treatment program is designed for disc and spinal stenosis conditions that are more severe, chronic and would not adequately heal in traditional DRX 9000 plans.


A four year study showed that our comprehensive treatment program was unmatched in it's effectiveness for severe disc and spinal stenosis patients. Here are the details:

Read the study details at: Spinal Stenosis and Disc Herniation Protocol and Outcome--A Four Year Study


If you have severe spinal stenosis or disc disease, no other office in the country offers this comprehensive of a program.

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